Chore Time

November 26, 2012

It is important that you have your child help out with daily chores. The sooner you can pass chores onto your children, the more responsibility they will have. When you expect great things from your children you are giving them the gift of independence.

Sometimes your child’s help might not be as helpful as you wish. Remember to keep the excitement and reinforce the act of helping to turn it into a habit. One great idea is to make up a sticker chart with your child’s name and a list of chores they are responsible for. For every chore complete, they get a sticker! This is a great way to encourage and create positive habits for children who will soon find doing chores and helping others a way of life.

 10 things your Toddler can help you with

  1. Wiping baseboards with duster or dry rag
  2. Matching socks — also a good skill for teaching concepts of “same” and “different”
  3. Bringing safe, unbreakable dishes in from table, clearing table
  4. Putting safe, unbreakable items on table (napkins, cups)
  5. Picking up toys — they may not want to, but they can
  6. Putting stuffed animals on bed in the morning
  7. Pushing laundry basket to appropriate room
  8. Putting trash in wastebasket
  9. Putting clothes in hamper
  10. Handing adult an item from grocery bag