Growing up Safely….8 Things Every Child Needs….

1.  Someone that loves, cares and provides for them.  

  • Never shake a baby.
  • Never leave baby on a change table or other high surface.
  • Don’t smoke around your children or allow anyone else to.

2.  A safe place to sleep that is meant for only them.

  • Always lay babies on a firm surface.
  • Crib bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

3.  Supervised bath times.

  • Never leave a child alone in the bathtub.
  • Be sure bath water is lukewarm, NEVER hot.

4.  Healthy foods.

  • Always check temperature of formula in bottles and don’t warm in microwave.

5.  A car seat that fits them when travelling.

6.  Protection from pets and other children.

7.  Safe toys.

  •  If it can fit through a toilet paper roll, it can become stuck in your child’s throat.

8.  A safe place to play and grow.  Get down on the floor and remove anything you don’t want your child to touch, grab, taste or swallow, including:

  • POISONOUS Medicines, plants and cleaning supplies
  • SMALL coins, keys and magnets
  • SHARP scissors and razors
  • HOT curling irons and boiling water
  • PLASTIC bags, wrappers and balloons
  • Blind cords and other strings
  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of all stairwells.

By making your home safe you are not only protecting your children from danger, you are helping them become smarter and more creative through freedom to explore.

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