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Language development is not just reading it is much more than that and can be fun!  Children learn best when they engage in activities that interest them.  Try to follow your child’s lead.  If they pick a book about dinosaurs, comment on or name the dinosaurs.  Let your child ask questions or help finish your sentences.  If they like to dance or sing, try movement-based activities – playing with puppets or have a  puppet “sing” a nursery rhyme. Be creative!

1.  Provide opportunities for language by using  materials such as:

  •  Books
  •  Magnetic letters
  •  Use Stencils
  •   iPad apps: ABC phonics

This helps your Preschooler:

  • Develop letter-sound awareness
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Ask questions such as what, where and who
  • Lead (OWL: Observe, Wait, Listen)

2.  Sing songs or nursery rhymes with actions such as:

  •  Itsy Bitsy Spider
  •  Head and Shoulders
  • B-I-N-G-O
  •  iPad app: Bus HD

This helps your Preschooler:

  • Develop understanding of rhyming words
  • Increase oral language
  • Improve ability to remember information
  • Associate meaning with action words

3.  Spend time every day reading repetitive books such as:

  •  Brown Bear Brown Bear
  •  The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  •  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • iPad app: Green Eggs

This helps your Preschooler:

  • Develop an interest in books
  • Increase ability to retell a story & recall information
  • Help you finish parts of the story (e.g. Chicka Chicka…?)
  • Increase vocabulary & concept knowledge


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