January 27th is Family Literacy Day!

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10 Tips for Reading with Toddlers

1. Read with your child every day!

  •  You’re sending the message that reading is enjoyable and important to your family.

2. It’s never too early to start reading with your child.

  •   Toddlers love to cuddle and listen to your voice. Try reading, singing. or making up a story.

3. Older babies love to look at pictures and flip pages.

  •  Cloth books or board books are great for this age group!

4. Get toddlers to name the things they see in picture books.

  •  Encourage your child to point to familiar things and talk about what they see. They love to be involved!

5. Repetition is a good thing!

  •  By reading their favorite stories over & over, you are comforting and helping them develop word recognition.

6. Reading can be an action-packed activity.

  • Try using different voices, sound effects or body movements to add drama to the story.

7. Help your child create their own book.

  • Get your children using their imagination by having them draw pictures to a familiar story.  Write out words to the story for them!

8. Visit the library.

  • Libraries are not just for borrowing books. Many libraries offer free story time sessions to engage toddlers.

9. Read all kinds of books.

  • Help your child discover a variety of reading materials like: fairy tales, nursery rhymes, picture books, comic books, & magazines.

10. Reading doesn’t always involve a book.

  • Try pointing to letters and words on signs, cereal boxes, and menus.

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