Trying New Foods!

Microsoft Word - Document1Your child eats best when you choose the foods to offer at sit-down meals and snacks at regular and reliable times. Children learn to like new foods when they

  • are given many opportunities to try a new food.
  • watch their parents and family members eating and enjoying the food.
  • are introduced to new foods along with a familiar one.

Forcing or bribing children to try a new food will not make them like it. In fact, it may actually increase their dislike for the food. If the child refuses to eat a new food, the parent or caregiver should not consider the refusal as a problem, but simply serve the food another time. Remember, a “No” today may not be a “No” tomorrow.

Here are some tips to help your child learn to enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods:

  • Spark your child’s interest by preparing and serving foods in a variety of shapes and colours.
  • Set an example by eating healthy foods. Young children like to copy what others do.
  • Stick to a rule that food is only offered at planned meals and snack times
  • Don’t limit food served to those you know your child will eat but do serve favourite foods sometimes.
  • Be patient and don’t pressure.

~ contributed by:

Heather Torrie, Public Health Nutritionist

Sunrise Health Region


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