Grocery Shopping!

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Getting your young children to try new foods can be challenging.   Books, stories, songs and other interactive activities are ways to introduce some of those new foods.

Here’s something to try ~ explain to your children that you are going on an imaginary grocery shopping trip.  Talk to them about how to act in the grocery store, such as no fighting or running and how to push the grocery cart safely.   Then, put on some upbeat music and head off on your shopping trip!  Stay active and lead your children through the activity, as you give cues and actions to make a trip to the grocery store.  Encourage lots of movement as you:

  • Drive or walk to the store.
  • Walk in the door.
  • Get your shopping cart.
  • Ask the children what foods they want to put in their carts.
  • Choose some oranges.  Squeeze them gently.
  • Find some red radishes and some green lettuce.
  • Lift up a jug of orange juice.  Watch, it’s heavy.
  • Pick up a dozen eggs.  Careful they don’t break.
  • Find a loaf of bread – should we take white or brown?
  • Walk down the cereal aisle – Let’s get the one that Daddy likes.
  • Go to the till and unload the cart.
  • Pay the cashier.
  • Load the food into bags.
  • Drive or walk back home.

Once you get back home from your grocery shopping trip, invite your children to help you cook some of those foods for supper.  Have fun!

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