Importance of Immunization

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Your child deserves the best health and that includes protection from 13 vaccine-preventable diseases. You help protect your child every time you keep your child’s immunizations up-to-date.  It also keeps your province healthy and safe.  In the last 50 years, immunization has saved the lives of more children than any other medical intervention.

How does immunization help my child?

Your child is exposed to germs daily: at home, at daycare and outside. Even a sweet kiss from a sibling can be full of germs. Luckily, most germs can be easily handled by your child’s immune system and are harmless. Sometimes, your child will meet up with a germ that can make him very sick.

Just as children have to learn how to eat by themselves, their immune systems have to learn how to recognize and fight diseases.  Just as your child needs you to feed him, his immune system needs you to help him fight off serious diseases.  This is where your role comes in.  When you get your child immunized, you help give him that extra immunity and protection to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases and stay healthy.

Why does my child need to be immunized?

Many children suffered from serious diseases years ago and many died. Luckily today because most children are immunized, many of these diseases have almost disappeared – but not completely.

If children stop being immunized, these diseases will become more common again. It has happened in other countries. When you immunize your child, you help to keep diseases under control for good.


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