Going on a Picnic!

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Head to your local park or playground and enjoy a picnic with your family!

Let your children help you pack a picnic basket or cooler.   Talk about what foods you will take – which are easy to pack, which can be eaten with your fingers and which foods need to be kept cold.  Choose foods and drinks that are healthy and easy to carry, such as raw vegetables, fruits, and sandwiches.  Pizzas are a good alternative to sandwiches, as they are quick to make and the ideas for topping endless.   Wraps can either be made ahead of time, or you could just bring all of the ingredients and let everyone make their own.   Other good picnic food ideas are hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, bread sticks, olives or pickles, lean cold cuts, cheese, muffins and apple, peach or banana slices.

Picnics can be more than simply sitting, eating and then leaving.  Be sure to plan activities and bring along something to play with, like a ball, skipping rope or Frisbee.   Some great picnic activities are:

  • Kite flying – be sure to watch for overhead lines.
  • Board games – choose a game that has a heavy board and pieces so that the wind does not blow them away.
  • Animal watching – spot birds and squirrels
  • Races – will help everyone build up an appetite!  Bring along sacks or pillow case, or pair kids up for a wheelbarrow race.
  • Storybooks – a good choice is “The Best Picnic Ever” by Clare Jarrett.

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