Everyday Tips for Promoting Healthy Brain Development

June 24, 2013

Brain awareness111

For the best connections to be made in the brain your child needs….

1.    To feel loved

  • Comfort your child when he cries.  Respond quickly and sensitively.
  • Love your child and show them that you love them –no matter what!
  • Sing a song or read a book with your child.

2.    To eat a variety of foods

  • Breast milk is the best food for your baby during the first six months.  When your child is older, offer them other healthy foods.
  • Let your child choose the amount of food to eat.
  • Eat meals together.

3.    To play in a manner that is age-appropriate

  • Talk and sing to your baby when you dress her.
  • Play with blocks and count them with your child
  • Draw and color pictures with your child.

4.    To be protected from harm at all times

  • Keep your child’s play area safe.
  • Teach your child rules when you cross the street.

Did you know??

  • Your child’s brain starts to develop early in pregnancy and continues into the teenage years.  The first six years are the most important for healthy brain development.
  • Snuggling, rocking, talking, smiling and exposing your child to new experiences all help on creating “connections” between brain cells.  The more these experiences are repeated, the stronger the connections become.
  • When connections are made in the brain, your child learns to talk, read, show feelings and get along with others.

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