Fire Prevention Week 2013 – Prevent Kitchen Fires



This year’s fire prevention week (October 6 – 12) is all about being safe in the kitchen. There are many potential dangers in the kitchen, especially with young children. Children should always be supervised when in the kitchen. No matter how old you are, being safe in the kitchen is important.

Here are some tips for keeping safe in the kitchen:

1)      Keep potholders nearby and use them! – Be careful not to leave them near an open flame.

2)      Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove – Children won’t be able to grab them and adults won’t be able to bump into them, causing potential burns.

3)      Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen – Read the directions and learn how to use it when you get it. That way you are not fumbling for directions during an emergency.

4)      Before leaving the kitchen, check that the oven and burners are all turned off.

5)      Never put water on a cooking fire – it could make the fire bigger. Use baking soda or flour to put the fire out.

6)      Never add water to a pan with hot oil in it. It could splatter and burn someone.

7)      Keep knives and other sharp objects away from children. 

 These are just some of the many tips for being safe in the kitchen. For these and other tips visit

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