Look… Think… Decide… Sort!


Children 18-24 months are learning every day.  Their world is new and fascinating to them as they are expanding their memories, experiences and becoming increasingly more capable of accomplishing their wants on their own.

Sorting is a developmental milestone that your child will begin to do.  Teaching them to sort teaches them vocabulary, beginning numeracy skills and critical thinking.  You can sort items in different ways, you can sort by:  color, shape, size, and activity.   Sorting by size may be choosing which items fit in a bowl and which items do not.  Sorting by activity may be choosing items you need for an activity. You may use pictures of items or actual items to decide what you need to go swimming vs what you need to go skating.  Being able to recognize what items you would need for activities is a type of sorting, that as adults, we practice every day.  Teach your child to sort what they need based on what they are going to do.  Provide them with many items and have them choose what items they will need for the activity.  For example: Activity – eating cereal : a bowl, spoon, cereal, milk; Activity – Going swimming: a towel, bathing suit, money for entrance to  pool, ear plugs, goggles.

If you have questions or you wonder if your child is meeting these very important developmental milestones contact your family doctor, public health nurse, or a Cognitive Disability Strategy Consultant.


Submitted by: Karol Narfason – Cognitive Disability Strategy Consultant

One Response to Look… Think… Decide… Sort!

  1. I love that your guys are doing that! My guy (30 months) loves chaos! Anytime we sort any item together, the balls, colors, cars, utensils, he smiles and says “we’ve got to mix then up, that’s the best!”

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