Halloween Safety

October 28, 2013

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. While trick-or-treating can be a fun family activity, children are exposed to increased risk when celebrating the holiday.   It is important to keep your child’s safety in mind.  Here are a few safety tips to follow to keep your child safe:

  •  Encourage your child to walk, not run from house to house and stay on the sidewalk.  They should only cross the road at the corner and look both ways before crossing.
  • Watch out for cars. Remember that it may be hard for drivers to see you. Wear light colored costumes or costumes with reflective tape.  Carry a flashlight to light the way.
  • Make sure costumes are short enough so you do not trip.  It may be hard to see out of a mask, so use face paint instead.
  • Supervise younger children and have older children travel in groups.
  • Only accept treats at the door. Never go inside a stranger’s house or car.
  • Have an adult examine your treats before eating.  Do not eat opened candy.

Following these simple steps can make sure that Halloween is a safe and happy experience for the whole family.