Your Child’s Thankful Heart

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We all know that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks.

But with all the travel, planning, family, friends, and football it’s easy to forget to actually give thanks. It’s also hard for preschool children to understand the concept of being thankful, especially when they are used to having all of their needs met.

Why is this important?  Children who can understand and care for others are more prepared to learn and prepared to learn and succeed—both at school and throughout life.  Here are some ideas to instill a “thankful heart” in your children this Thanksgiving!

  • Make a Handprint Thanksgiving Turkey.  Paint your child’s palm and thumb with brown paint.  Paint the other four fingers each a bright colour – orange, red, blue, and yellow.  Press hand onto a piece of white paper and allow to dry.  Talk about what your family is thankful for and write or draw these things on the paper around the turkey.
  • Create a “Charity Basket”.  Ask each of your dinner guests to bring canned food or clothing to collect for the needy.  Allow your preschooler to be in charge of collecting the food and clothing from each guest, placing it in the basket and helping to deliver it to a local charity.
  • Start a “Thankful Tablecloth”.    Use a solid plastic table cover.  Have your family write / draw things they are thankful for on it.   Bring out the table cloth each year and add to it.
  • Read “Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks” by Margaret Sutherland.

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