Indoor Water Play


Fall is here and winter is coming. Now is the time that we go outside and bring in the wading pools and store the hose and sprinkler away for next spring. Although we will no longer be able to play in the water outside (with the exception of snow), there are many different ideas of ways that kids can have fun playing with water indoors.

1)      Paint the house with water – give your child a cup of water and a paint brush and let them have fun “painting” the house

2)      Float or Sink? – give your child a variety of items from around the house (i.e. Crayons, blocks, grapes, feathers, etc.). Have your child try and guess whether they think that the item will sink or float and why? Test your hypothesis.

3)      Rainbow Ice – Using an ice cube tray and food colouring, make different colors of ice cubes. The next time that your child has a bath or wants to play in the sink, bring out the colourful cubes. Ask your child questions like “What do you think will happen if we put the red cube in the water? What will happen if we add another red cube? What do you think will happen if we add a red cube and a blue cube to the water?”

These are only a few of the many ideas that you can use with your children when playing with water.

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