Positive Parenting for Toddlers

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Toddlers respond better to limits when they feel loved.  Try talking to your toddler in a positive way.  Your toddler will be more likely to agree!

For example:

Say this:   Instead of:
“Please close the door quietly” “Don’t slam the door”

Setting limits…Toddlers want someone to set limits.  It makes them feel secure and loved, and helps them to understand boundaries.  Try to set rules that are:

  • Simple
  • Easy to understand
  • Consistent

Work it out!  Help her talk about her feelings and comfort her when she is upset.  Explore different feelings through favourite books or through stories that you make up.  Notice when your toddler is frustrated and step in to help her deal with her emotions.  Move your toddler to a quiet place when she is having a hard time dealing with her emotions.

Caught you doing something good!   Pay attention to good behaviour and tell your toddler that you are proud of her.  This helps to build her self-esteem.  Genuinely praise your toddler for the good things she does every day.  This will help her begin to:

  • Develop social skills
  • Feel good about herself
  • Have a sense of belonging.

Remember ~ It’s important to give children positive goals to work towards instead of focusing on negative consequences to avoid.

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