Let’s Pretend

Playing “pretend” games with your child will have positive results in everyday life.  Your child will learn different aspects of a day to day life. For example, they will learn how to properly talk on the phone with Grandma if you pretend to make phone calls. Playing different games will improve your child’s memory. Playing games like ‘taxi’ can help your child remember where certain locations are such as home, and grandma’s house. Playing pretend games will strengthen your child’s imagination. It will allow them to transform from a superhero, to teacher, to fireman with ease. Having the ability to experiment with diverse roles will allow your child to explore many scenarios and outcomes.  Playing pretend games will also promote social skills. Playing these games will help your child deal with everyday life situations.

Some great games you can play with your child include:

Uh-oh! The Lights went Out – Have pretended power outages in the evening to help your child learn that when the power goes out it is not scary.

Teddy bears picnic – if possible, head outside and go on a picnic with your child and their favorite teddy bear.  If weather does not cooperate, you can always set up a picnic in your living room.

Let’s go walking and searching – Take your child outdoors and go for a walk. While walking, see how many different types of leaves you can collect, or the different types of birds you see. If staying indoors, set up a scavenger hunt –find 3 socks, 3 toys, and 3 shirts with buttons.

Pretend emergencies – have your child get a bag ready to be out the door and in vehicle within 10 minutes. This ‘game’ helps them learn how to get ready quickly if an emergency were to happen.

Where’s Home? – When out driving with your children, ask them to give you directions on how to get home. If they cannot give directions, help them learn the house address.

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