Dressing for Winter Weather

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Whether the weather is fine
Or whether the weather is not.
Whether the weather is cold
Or whether the weather is hot.
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not!


Each season brings different temperatures.  Cold winter weather will soon be upon us.  Children love outdoor winter activities like sledding, building snow forts and making snow angels.  To have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors, your child needs to be properly dressed.

There are three ways to stay warm when it is cold:

1.  Cover all parts of your child’s body.  Your child needs:

  • a coat or snowsuit,
  • warm boots,
  • mittens or gloves and
  • a hood or toque.

2.  Dress in layers.  Two or three layers of clothing give extra warmth

3.  Keep dry. Your child’s body cools faster when wet. This is good in the summer, but not good in winter.  Wet clothes will not keep your child warm. Try to keep dry in cold weather.

Preschool children are old enough to begin dressing themselves, but they need to know what clothing is needed for the current season.   Fill a bucket with clothing items that represent different seasons. Use a winter coat, spring jacket, scarf, sunglasses, mittens, flip flops, boots, winter hat and a visor.  Ask your child to rummage through the clothing bucket and find something that would be used in the winter.

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