Say my Name!

December 30, 2013


Having a new baby in your home requires lots of patience and repetition. One thing that is important is to repeat your baby’s name.  When you are changing a diaper say things such as ‘Good Morning miss Brigette.’ When you are feeding them say things such as ‘Big mouthful Charlie May!’  When you are playing with them say things such as ‘Jackson is such a big boy today!’  Constant repetition of your child’s name when they are very young will help them learn sounds, become responsive to their names, and develop a self-concept. Talking and carrying on a conversation with your little one is very important for their language development. Using different words, and different voice sounds will result in a variety of reactions from your little one. If your voice is loud and booming, your baby may become frightened, but a soft calm voice may result in coos from your little one. Repeating your baby’s name can also help calm him down. If little Jackson is crying fitfully, calmly and slowly repeat his name while holding or rocking him gently. Hearing your voice and his name may help to sooth his cries. All of these little talking moments you have with your baby will have very positive results later on in life.