Christmas Crafts


As the holidays are approaching for another year, take time to spend with your children and make some fun Christmas gifts.  Homemade gifts are gifts from the heart and mean the world to whoever receives them. Spending time with your child doing crafts will show them that gifts do not need dollar amounts, but simply time and care. Take some time from your busy schedules to do something creative and fun with your children. This will remind them that even though it is a busy rushed time of year, they still matter. Children are the light of our lives, and shine so very brightly during the holiday season. As you make crafts with your child you can be asking them things like what makes them happy. This will show your child that there needs are supported and they will become more inclined to be sharing their feelings with you.  Below you will find some fun, inexpensive, and creative crafts you and your children can prepare for gifts. These gifts can be given to family members, school bus drivers, day care workers, teachers and friends – or whomever your child chooses  🙂

Beaded Icicle Swirls 

pipe cleaner

  • A large round
  • sequin
  • 30 – 6mm
  • plastic faceted beads
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


  1. Cut a 6 inch piece of tinsel stem. Straighten it with your fingers.
  2. Slip the end of the stem into the hole on the sequin, and then bend the stem to hold the sequin on.
  3. String on 15 faceted beads. Stack them next to the sequin at the bottom.
  4. Wrap the stem around a pencil (or your finger) to form the swirl.
  5. Curl the top of the stem with your fingers to form the hook at the top of the stem. This can be used to hang your finished ornament.

Quick Glitter Pine Cones


  •   Pine cones in various shapes and sizes
  •   Spray adhesive
  •   Glitter in assorted colors
  •   Ziploc bags
  •   Ribbons or pipe cleaners
  •   Hot Glue gun


  1. Cover working area with newspaper.
  2. Put a couple of tablespoons of glitter in a ziplock bag. The bigger the pine cone the more glitter you will need.
  3. Spray adhesive all over pine cone, being sure to get in between the cracks.
  4. Place pine cone in the ziplock bag with the glitter and seal. Make sure it is sealed tightly.
  5. Let your little one shake to their hearts content or until the pine cone is covered in glitter.
  6. Remove pine cone and set aside to dry completely.
  7. Repeat as many times as desired.
  8. When dry, attach a ribbon with the glue gun to hang on the Christmas tree or fold a pipe cleaner in half and glue the center of the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the pine cone.
  9. Use the pipe cleaner to fasten to the tree branch.

Mr. Penguin Finger Puppet


Penguin Finger Puppet

Wind the puppet body base.

To make Mr. Penguin’s top hat, wind a black pipe cleaner around a pencil as shown. Do the first three rows next to each other, then the next three rows on top of each other:

Pipe Cleaner Top Hats

To make his wings, bend an 8 inch piece of pipe cleaner into kind of a U shape as shown in the picture above.

To make his bow tie, bend a 2.5 inch piece of pipe cleaner into kind of a connected X shape as shown in the picture above.

To make his beak, simply bend a 3/4 inch piece of orange pipe cleaner in half.

Glue the beak onto his pom pom face, then glue on the googly eyes. Next, glue his top hat on.

Glue his head onto the puppet base, then glue his bow tie underneath his head and beak.

Slide his wings in between the body coils and then glue the two medium orange glitter pom poms on the bottom front for his feet.

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