Your Baby’s Holiday with Family and Friends

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Involve others!!  It’s a good thing for your baby to know there are others she can count on!

The holiday season usually includes visits with relatives and friends.  These special times will help your baby to develop loving relationships with a small group of people.  These relationships will last a lifetime!


Give family members and friends the chance to comfort and sing to your baby.   This will help him to become familiar with their voices and feel safe.  Invite family members and friends to play a game of peek-a-boo.  Your baby will feel comforted that people he cares about are still there even when he can’t see them.

Encourage your baby to learn how to use gestures to give comfort to others.  Blowing kisses and waving “bye-bye” make others feel good!


Give your baby chances to be around other babies and children.  He will start to interact with them and want to learn more about them.  He may even make noises and try to get their attention!



Give your baby the opportunity to listen to familiar voices on the phone.  She will begin to realize that people exist even when she can’t see them.  Have family members talk to your baby on the phone.  Show her how to listen and practice saying, “hi” and “bye-bye”.

Go slowly with your baby.  Don’t force her to go to someone she doesn’t know or isn’t sure of.  In time, your baby will build loving relationships with others.

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