January 27th is Family Literacy Day – Have you got 15 minutes?

Family Literacy Day 2014

Family Literacy Day is celebrated on January 27th of every year. It was created to help raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Taking time out of every day to read to or do an activity with your child is an important part of their development. Even just taking 15 minutes a day can help improve the skills of both the child and the parent as well.

ABC Life Literacy Canada is encouraging families to have “15 minutes of fun and learning together.” Here of some of the ideas they gave:

  1. Write a joke book with your family.
  2. Read a bedtime story to each other.
  3. Make up a new recipe together or find the old family favourite. Share it online.
  4. Tell jokes while doing chores together.
  5. Organize a book swap in your community.
  6. Make up riddles and tell them to your friends.
  7. Create a family book club.
  8. Build a drum with your family.
  9. Surf the internet and learn about your favourite animal.
  10. Make up a song about your day and sing it to your family.
  11. Write messages to your family on sticky notes. Leave them around the house for everyone to read.
  12. Create a story about what you will be doing for Family Literacy Day.
  13. Play a family board game.


For more ideas for Family Literacy Day and for more information, please visit http://abclifeliteracy.ca/fld/family-literacy-day or http://decoda.ca/resources/library/read-all-about-lit/.  For information on Family Literacy Day activities in your community, contact your local library branch or school.

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