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Imitation. Copy. Reproduce. Three words that all describe what your baby is doing. If you clap your hands to a rhyme, your little one will try to clap her hands with you. There are many different copy games you can play with your little one at different stages of her development. If you have a newborn, stick out your tongue and see if she will copy you buy sticking out her tongue. You can also try opening your mouth wide, or express your eyes. Your baby may just copy what she sees! This will help her with facial muscle and muscle control.  Older babies will learn daily routine by copying what they see. When mom leaves the house, say buh bye and wave. Your baby will soon start waving buh bye when she sees mom head for the door. Your baby was born a natural copycat. This means, that whatever you do, your little one will try to copy you. This can be both positive and negative. Teach your child good habits. Have them copy things such as blowing a kiss, or giving a hug. The negative aspect is your child will also pickup on any negative habits you display (aggressive mannerism for example). Playing games such as Patty Cake, will aid in positive learning habits. When your baby is playing with toys, play with them. Take a rattle and shake it gently.  Give the rattle to your baby and watch her try to shake it like mom or dad. Because babies are such copy cats, the best thing parents can do is keep calm and carry on!

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