Sensory Snow!

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On those cold wintry days when it is too cold to play outside, try making some “fake” snow instead.   It feels super soft and cool to the touch like real snow.   You can even mold it into snowballs!

This sensory “fake” snow needs only 2 ingredients.  Allow your children to mix 3 cups of baking soda with ½ cup of hair conditioner.   (If you want the snow to be white, be sure to use a white conditioner!)   Children can make this nearly independently as it is so easy to do. Just mix the ingredients together with a spoon or fingers until combined. It should feel smooth, slightly damp and will take a form if moulded.

Sensory snow is a must try activity.  Put it in a tub and let the children use their imagination to create an Arctic scene.   Add some toy polar bears, penguins and seals.  You can also add marbles and rocks.  Making snowballs builds fine motor skills.  Pile them up or toss them at the Arctic animals for a game of snow ball fights!   They can even build an igloo if they like!

What your children are learning as they play:

  • New words
  • Story-telling
  • How to follow a recipe
  • What happens when materials are combined
  • Habitats of Arctic animals
  • How to measure and count


Sensory snow can be used over again.    Store it in a zip log bag.  If it does happen to dry out, you can just add more conditioner to make it soft again.

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