Frosty Family Fun!

February 17, 2014

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Monday, February 17 is Family Day in Saskatchewan.   Take some time and talk to your kids about this holiday ~ why it is important to spend time as a family.

Don’t waste the day on the couch!    Chilly, snowy days are calling your kids outside!   Try some of these fun outdoor family activities:

SLEDDING:  Find a good hill and grab your toboggan!   Bundle up in layers to stay warm and cushion tumbles.  Toddlers should ride with a parent.

SNOW ANGELS:   Lie down and do a jumping jack.   Viola – you have snow angel.   You can use food coloring to draw on a face, and old clothes to dress it up.

ICE SKATING:     Age 4 or 5 is a nice time to begin skating.   Most children wear figure skates or hockey skates to start out.  Have beginners wear a helmet, and offer them a hand to help with balance.

BUILD A SNOWMAN:  Your kids will love to make a snowman in the yard!   After rolling and stacking a few big snowballs to make the body, find fruits, vegetables, sticks, berries, clothes, and other materials to bring your snowman to life.

BUILD A SNOW FORT:  Kids can use a shovel or roll snowballs to build one of these arctic domes.

SNOWBALL FIGHT:  Have a ball battling with your kids in a snowball fight. By joining in the fun, you can make sure it doesn’t get carried away or turn into bullying.  

Have the hot cocoa ready when everyone comes back inside!