Bath-time Fun!


Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to expose your baby to a variety of important concepts through play. Try some of these quick games:

  • Wrap a favourite tub time toy in a wash cloth and have your baby un-wrap it.
  • Try to catch toys floating around in the tub with a soup ladle or a serving spoon.
  • Blow through a straw into the water.
  • Freeze coloured ice cubes (using food colouring). Put a couple ice cubes in the water. Talk to your child about what they think will happen when you mix colours (ex. Red and blue). Talk about what will happen if you add one, two, three of the same colour. Will it turn the water darker or lighter?
  • Good bathtub toys are plastic spoons, yoghurt containers (add one with holes punched in the bottom to make a “shower”), bowls, plastic measuring cups and clear plastic bottles. A lot of mathematical discoveries come from water play. Not to mention that children love it!
  • Listen to different water sounds: dripping, running, spilling, stirring and bubbling.
  • Squeeze out a sponge or a washcloth and compare the difference.
  • Bathe and shampoo a doll, talking about the different body parts. Dry it off and put it to bed.

When you are playing with water, try to use different “watery” words to increase your child’s vocabulary. Use words like “sink”, “float”, “empty”, “full”, and “spill”.

From: Learning FUNdamentals by Colin Rose and Gordon Dryden

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