Magazine Stories

March 24, 2014


Kids love books. They love magazines. They simply just love turning pages! Use this to your advantage as a caregiver and spend time with your child and books. When you sit down and let your child turn the pages of the book or magazine it gives you the opportunity to have a quiet time activity. As they turn the pages, tell stories. Make up characters. Verbally say and point to different colors. Count the number of people on a magazine cover. Some children will sit patiently and listen to your story – other children will find the books great for 5 minutes then want to build blocks – This is OK! Every little bit of time you spend looking at books and the different people that are in magazines is beneficial. When you tell your child that the person in the magazine is smiling and that means she’s happy, your child will associate motion with emotion. Taking the time to flip through magazines and talk about the characters with your child does amazing things for their development.  This gives you and the child to build bonds together, work on a rich and colorful vocabulary, teaching them by example, boosting their own self esteem as well as communication skills. The best part is, grab an old magazine and if the child rips and slobbers on the pages, its OK! Happy Readings!