Activities for Your New Baby

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By 1- 2 months of age, baby may begin to:

  • Look at you
  • Follow movements with eyes
  • Enjoy being touched and cuddled
  • Have a variety of sounds
  • Lift head when on tummy

These activities can help baby develop these skills:

Follow My Face – Lay baby on his back.  Move your face slowly from side to side.  As you move, baby will follow you with his eyes and turn his head.  Try letting him follow other objects, such as a toy.

Baby Painting – In a warm place, remove baby’s clothes so that he is wearing only his diaper.  Take a feather, cotton ball, or silky scarf and gently stroke baby’s face, chest, back, arms and legs.  He will enjoy the sensation.  Name the part of the body you are stroking so he can hear your voice.

Early Sounds – Hold baby so he can see your face and lips.  Speak to him in a cheerful voice and then pause and wait for him to make baby sounds.  When he makes a sound, repeat it.  Show baby you like it when he makes these sounds.   These little sounds are what baby will use later to make words.

Tummy Time – Place baby on his stomach.  Get down on the floor with him and place a brightly coloured toy in front of him as you call his name.

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