Tub Fun


Bath toys do not need to be expensive. Simple smaller plastic containers work wonderfully when your baby starts to bath and play on their own (with supervision of course!). They love to fill cups up and try to drink the water – or in some cases, fill containers full and end up dumping the water all over their faces! Giving your child the opportunity to play with simple plastic cups and containers while in the bath will provide an abundance of learning experience.  As caregivers, we may watch and think they are splashing and playing and just having fun with the water and cup. But as a child, they are learning how to pour liquids. They are learning how to control their arm movements.  They are learning if the cup will balance on the edge of the bath tub. They are learning that if they pour the water to far back, they may fall over. All of these learning experiences are amazing and huge for a child! These experiences do not cost a fortune. The nice thing about large open containers is they are easy to clean and dry out. Small rubber sea creatures that squish water out of their mouth, or spurt water out of an opening are not nearly as effective. In fact, these small toys have a tendency to fill with traces of mold inside the rubber as they never truly dry out. Plus, they have a trend to be pricy. Keep it simple moms and dads – grab some plastic cups from the cupboard and watch your little one learn in amazement at what they can do with water!

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