The Wonders of Nature


Introduce your child to the wonders of nature. Start by putting a bird feeder outside of one of your windows. Keep it filled with bird seed and make time to watch the birds that feed at it. Learn about the different kinds of birds that you see.

You can make a simple bird feeder with your child. Simply take a pinecone. Smear it with peanut butter. Roll it in bird seed and hang it with a pipe cleaner. There are other peanut free recipes for children with allergies on Pinterest.

Go searching in the garden for worms, spiders, ladybugs, snails and other interesting insects. If you live near a farm, ask the owner if you can see the cows being milked or the sheep sheared. Examine a fallen bird’s nest closely and marvel at the way it is built. Try and make a nest of your own. On warm spring or summer days, plan a small picnic outdoors where your family can explore nature and feed the birds. Always talk in detail about what you see and encourage your child to take an interest in the environment.

Children should learn to appreciate all aspects of nature. Talk about what it would be like to be an ant, a bird or a horse. When you see an animal or bird, encourage your child to look it up in an encyclopedia or online and find out more about it. When you see which creatures particularly interest your child, ask your librarian for books about them. Make learning about nature fun!




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