Tummy Time

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Your baby needs a safe and interesting environment. This will allow for different sensory opportunities.  Provide a place for your baby to develop their senses by offering different toys or safe objects for them explore with.  Different types of toys could include soft teddies, brightly colored spoons, nubby rubber balls, or brightly contrasting patterns in fabrics. 

Every time you offer a different safe object for your baby to play with they will develop new senses or skills. Providing tummy time is very important for helping your baby develop and grow. Providing your baby a safe place for tummy time allows your child to experience new types of play. When your little one is about 6 weeks old, tummy time offers them a new view of the world as well as aids in the development of their muscles.  For your baby, this type of play is hard work. It is best to only play like this for about 5 to 10 minutes until your child becomes stronger. 

When setting up an area for tummy time make sure your space is safe.  The floor is best place for tummy time. Lay your baby down on a clean blanket so they can experience tummy time with little concern.

When you put your baby down for some safe tummy time, place a few of their favorite toys around them. This will help them to learn what the objects do.  A rattle makes a “rattling” noise.  A teething toy allows for relief on your baby’s gums. This will also encourage your baby to start to explore her play area. 

Tummy time will also encourage baby to start moving. Your baby will start to roll over on their own. They will start to creep to their toys.  Babies will also begin reaching for their toys and stretching their muscles. 

tummy time


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