Campfires & Stories

June 30, 2014

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A favourite activity is going camping with family or friends.  Once settled into your campsite, light the fire.  Enjoy the evening with your children, friends and family.  A campfire is a natural place for sharing stories and storytelling is a great way to spend a summer evening.   It’s really a great fun family bonding experience!

For years, storytelling has been used as a way to pass on history.  It brings to mind images of people sitting around a campfire…today, yesterday or thousands of years ago.  Storytelling is a part what makes us human.

Anyone can be a storyteller…simply by talking about something you have known or seen.  One of the best ways for parents to become good at storytelling is to talk about their own childhood.   Parents can share memories of what their family vacations were like as children or how they spent their childhood.   Other family members can chime in with other things that they remember as everyone takes their turn sharing these special memories.

Storytelling has many benefits for children.  It helps develop literacy and language.  It provides a foundation for reading skills.  It helps develop imagination.  It helps children learn to put events in order.  Children who learn to tell stories develop communication skills that will take them far in life.

Take some time to enjoy a campfire and story with your family this summer!