Its Tough Being a Dad!!!

play- sif clip 261It is tough being a Dad, but it is the most important Job you will ever have… Dads take this time to spend quality time with your children. Play games. Tell stories. Learn new activities. Simply Just Hang Out!

Children who have dads or father figures involved in their lives tend to have a better educational outcome. Fathers who are involved, nurturing, and playful with their children have children who tend to have higher IQ levels.  Children will also develop stronger linguistics and cognitive capacities. Children also tend to have stronger verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement within their adolescent years. Children with involved fathers are likely to be emotionally secure, confident, and have positive social connections with others.

Below are some great activities that dads and their little ones can do together!

  • If you have a wee baby in the household, play Peek a Boo !
  • Teach your older child about size and fittings – this can be done with tuper wear containers! Play together to see if the small container fits in the big container!
  • Any sort of game that involves pouring! This will help your child learn the concept of empty and full.
  • Counting games or rhymes such as “one, two, Buckle my shoe”
  • Play with building blocks – if your child is very young, this will help them develop their eye-hand coordination. If your child is older, you can see how high your tower of blocks can go!



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