Pool Time!

pool time



Being that summer is here, take some time to play with your child outside when the weather permits. One favorite physically active game is playing in a pool. This does not mean you need to go and pay for swimming lessons.  Set your little one in a pool of warm water outside of your home. Not only do they get to splish and splash, but they also get some much needed sunlight and fresh air. However, when you are playing with your child outside, ensure that they are protected from the sun via hats and sunblock.  If your child is not sure about playing in the water, just put a little bit of water in the bottom of the pool and re-assure him that you are there and nothing bad will happen. When playing with your child in the water, you might just have to get in the pool with him. This may allow for more exciting splashing or simply comfort for your little one to start exploring his new surroundings.  Playing in water is a great way for babies to learn to become excited, and settle down again.  Splashing water is fun, but those little arms tire out fast, so a quick calming moment is near! When playing in the pool, give your baby some of his favorite squishy toys. This may also engage them to become excited, or to calm down.



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