Quiet Time


Sometimes as parents when we provide clear instruction to our toddler, they just do not listen. In fact, our toddler may even “talk back” or continue the poor behaviour.  To help reduce some of this poor behaviour, you can use a “quiet time” to teach your child right from wrong.

Key points to remember when using quiet time:

  • Before you use quiet time with your child, explain to your child what quiet time is, and prepare them by walking through the steps of quiet time routine.
  • Remove your child from the activity in which the problem has occurred. Have them sit quietly on the edge of the activity for a short time.
  • Tell your child what they have done wrong.
  • Tell your child the consequence for their wrong actions is a quiet time.
  • Seat your child at the edge of the activity.
  • Tell your child how long they must be quiet for.

o   1 minute for 2 year olds

o   2 minutes for 3-5 year olds

o   Up to 5 minutes for 5 to 10 year olds

  • Do not look/talk at your child while in quiet time.
  • Once quiet time is over, do not mention the incident.
  • Return your child to the activity, or repeat your initial instruction.
  • PRAISE your child for behaving well in quiet time.
  • If your child does not sit quietly in quiet time, proceed to use a Time Out.
  • As a parent, you need to remain calm and remove any accidental rewards for problem behaviour.

An example as to when you could use quiet time is:

“You have been told twice now to use your inside voice and you keep choosing not to use it.  Now you must go to quiet time for 2 minutes.”  If the child sits for the full 2 minutes quietly, then approach your child after the full 2 minutes and praise him for sitting properly in quiet time. Then you can repeat your earlier instruction to the child. “Thank you for sitting so pleasantly in quiet time. Now let’s remember we need to use our inside voice when we are in the house.”

For more information on Quiet Time you can contact your Regional KidsFirst Community Developer Stephanie @ 306-786-5879


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