Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

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Children who are ready for school are happy playing with others.  They are learning to cooperate and take turns.  They are curious and eager to learn about the world.

Your child has learned an incredible amount from you and from all the experiences that he/she has already had. As a parent, you know your child best.  Think about what your child is like when playing with others or at home.  Then ask yourself ~ Does my child:


  • Get 10-12 hours of sleep every night?
  • Eat a healthy breakfast?
  • Know how to put on their coat and shoes by themselves?
  • Know how to use the washroom without help?
  • Know how to hold a pencil or crayon?
  • Know how to use scissors?
  • Separate from you easily?
  • Get along with other children?
  • Know how to take turns?
  • Share with others?
  • Listen to instructions and then follow them?
  • Put things away?
  • Do simple chores around the house?
  • Show an interest in learning new things?
  • Show an interest in books, writing and numbers?

Children need these skills to function at school, and to keep up with the teacher and their classmates.  If you answered “yes” to most of these questions and “sometimes” to the rest, your child is ready for Kindergarten!

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