October 27, 2014


Arts enrich our daily lives. Music, dance, drama, drawing, painting, photography and sculpting provide children an artistic outlet. These activities allow expression of what children feel, think, or imagine! Encouraging artistic behaviours and creations is important to a child’s development.  It encourages children to explore cultural and individual identity.  It allows children to develop their own thoughts, opinions and feelings.   Being artistic with your child will help promote language, social and intellectual development. It encourages your child to interpret and think about their own worlds.

Help your child get involved in the arts. This could mean taking them to a child based photography class.  This may mean simply providing them some markers and paper to draw, scribble, and create.  You can take this time to also teach your child numbers, colors, letters, shapes, and objects. Talk with your child as you take pictures of squirrels “How many squirrels are there Everett?” Write out letters in different colors and ask questions like “Brigette, where is the letter T?”

Allow your child to pursue their artistic interests. Singing and dancing will help develop your child’s sense of rhythm, melody, harmony, and timing.  Encourage dramatic play by providing dress up clothes and different scenes to act out. A great family game would be Charades.

It is important to encourage your child’s attempts for success.  If your child is learning to play the piano you can show interest by listening to them play and praise them for work well done – even if it does not sound like Tchaikovsky! Children learn at different levels. They will only get better with practice and encouragement!