The Perks of a Baby Play Group

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The first years of life are a time of incredible brain growth and development that will affect your baby’s lifelong health and well-being.  Time spent playing near other babies can offer many learning opportunities ~ for both baby and parents!  Look for an existing play group in your community.  If there isn’t one, try starting your own.  Here’s how:

  1. Seek out other parents at the playground, or post a flyer at a local school, church, library or doctor’s office.  Try for a group of 4-6 babies, both boys and girls.
  2. Set the parameters ~ decide how often you want to meet, where and when.  Aim for a regular day and time.  Plan to rotate houses, or choose another spot, like a church or library.
  3. Set the ground rules ~ Can toys be shared?   Does anyone have allergies?  Will snacks be served?  What happens in case of illness or bad weather?  Should everyone chip in to clean up afterwards?  Agreeing on a plan of action in advance will make your sessions more enjoyable.
The perks ~ for baby:

  • Enjoy being with other babies
  • Explore a new world with new experiences
  • Develop a weekly routine
  • Play with different toys
  • Relate to other adults
  • Learn and develop new skills
The perks ~ for mom or dad:

  • Get out of the house
  • Chat with other parents
  • Make new friends
  • Share parenting experiences

If you start out with a good bunch of people, your playgroup can continue right until your child goes to school.  The friendships you and you baby make will last forever!

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