Children love water! If your child is fussy, you can change their whole mood by simply having a “no purpose” bath. Bubbles are always fun in the tub. You can also provide your child with a variety of tub toys that they can use to move water. You don’t have to go out and buy the newest, fanciest toys either. Your child will enjoy plastic containers (like yoghurt containers) of all sizes, buckets, scoops, cups, sieves and so on. Punch holes in the bottom of the container and make it rain in the tub. You can even go on a hunt in the kitchen with your child for things they can take in the tub. Plastic bowls and spoons are a favourite in my household!

Here are a few ideas of games that you can play with your child in the tub:

Bath Time Idol – Turn on a radio to a fun station or grab your IPod and play some tunes while singing into a shampoo bottle.

Kitchen Fun – Go through the kitchen and gather funnels, a turkey baster, squeeze bottles, whisks, measuring cups, colanders and any other plastic supplies that could be used in the tub. Hold the colander up and pour water through it to create rain, use the turkey baster to take water from the tub and squeeze it into various cups, or use a whisk to stir up fading bubbles.

Tub Bubbles – Go to the hardware store and buy a few different sizes of soft plastic tubing. Use it to blow bubbles into the bath. Make sure one piece of tubing is long enough so that you can sit outside the bath with the tube of water and surprise your child with blasts of bubbles rising to the surface.

Have fun and remember, babies and small children can drown in just a few inches of water. Never leave them alone.

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