National Child Day – November 20


On November 20th, Let’s Celebrate! Let us celebrate the rights of our children. Let us celebrate the importance children play in our daily lives.

Since 1993, Canada has celebrated National Child Day. This Day commemorates the United Nations’ adoption of two documents centred on Children’s Rights.

These outline Canada’s commitment to our Children in making Canada a better place for Children to live.

The Convention of the Rights of the Child has 4 key principles.

  1. All children have rights and they must be protected without discrimination for race, ethnicity or ability.  These are basic rights to food, safety and shelter.
  2. Decisions that are made that impact children should take into account what is best for that child.
  3. Children should be protected from harm, and live and supported to live and grow to be the best they can be.
  4. Children have the right to give their opinions in all matters that affect them and to have their voices heard. Their views should always be taken seriously and they should have more say as they grow older.

Celebrating National Child Day is about celebrating children as active participants in their own lives and in communities, as active citizens who can and should meaningfully contribute to decision-making.

Regardless of who you are, you play a vital role in the healthy development of the children in your community. Every day we should be working at bettering the lives of our children. Take time to make children around you feel special and feel important.

How can you show children they matter?  Try some of these activities to celebrate;

  1. Ask a child for advice.
  2. Wear the color blue (the national recognized color of National Child Day)
  3. Explore ways to make your community safer for children
  4. Donate to a local children’s charity, or a local food bank
  5. Share a book or story with a child
  6. Make a scrapbook highlighting your child’s past week
  7. Tell a neighbor or friend about National child day
  8. Take your child out for dinner or a special treat
  9. Remember to hug and kiss your child
  10. Tell your child how much they are loved and valued as a member of the family.
  11. Listen to your child as they talk about their day.
  12. Arrange a play date with your child’s friends.

Take time to celebrate children’s rights on National Child Day and throughout the year!

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