I Can Do It By Myself!

Microsoft Word - Document6In families with young children there is always so much for Mom and Dad to do.  The washing, cooking, cleaning and bathing never seem to end!  The best way to lighten your workload is to teach children how to look after themselves and their things.

GETTING DRESSED:   Around age 3, children can learn to dress themselves.  Take the time to teach your children how dress themselves, tie shoes and do up buttons.  Hang clothes where your children can reach them.  Store clothes in clear bins so that they can find what they are looking for.   Have a laundry bin close at hand for them to put their dirty clothes in.

CLEANING:   Even a toddler can help with household chores.   Give them an old sock and teach them to dust.  Have a dustpan and brush stored where children can reach it.  If you have small cloths stored where children can get them, they can wipe up spills as they happen.

MEALS AND SNACKS:       Teach your child how to make a sandwich or even toast.   Have bowls of fruit at your child’s height so that they can grab and go when they are hungry.

Teaching children to do these basic tasks will not only make your workload lighter, but will also benefit your children.  The self-confidence that children receive from being able and allowed to do these tasks is considerable!  By encouraging children to do these things for themselves, you are placing them on the path to independence!

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