Family Friendly New Year’s Party

New Years

New Year’s Eve can be a time of laughter and enjoyment. This is a great time to celebrate together as a family. You can even invite friends over that have children and plan a special night of fun together with activities that are sure to delight all ages.

Here are some ideas for activities to share with your family:

  • New Year’s is a great time of reflection from the past. Travel back in time and share with your family some of your favourite memories from your childhood. Cook them your favourite dish when you were a child. Share with them what it was like to grow up when you were their ages. Discuss and share what kinds of music/television shows you watched as a child. For entertainment, play your favourite childhood board games. Let your children share with you some of their favourite things.
  • Make a time capsule together. Gather pictures, drawings, artwork and memories from the last year. Decide when you are going to open your time capsule (next New Year’s for example).
  • Have a family pajama party camp out. This is a great way to try out the new jammies you got for Christmas! Build a fort in the family/living room. Bring out pillows, sleeping bags, etc. Read a favourite story together. Enjoy ringing in the New Year together.
  • Make some countdown goodie bags. Fill a brown paper bag with a craft idea or a game. Draw a clock on the outside. Have one for each hour to countdown New Year’s. This is a great way to help children learn about numbers, the concept of time and reading a clock.

These are just a few of the many ways to ring in the New Year. Have fun! Make memories! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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