Your 3 month old


Your baby is growing each and every day. There are things that we can do as parents/caregivers to help our children grow and develop.

As your infant grows a little older, here are some things to add to your daily routine:

  • When you are with your baby, carry on a running conversation about what you are doing. This is an important way of preparing them to speak for themselves later on. Babies love to hear your voice!
  • Realize that since crying is still your baby’s main way of communicating with you, it helps to learn to be more aware of what many of your child’s cries mean. They may be telling you “I’m hungry,” or “I need changing,” or “I’m tired or bored” or “I want attention.”
  • As your baby becomes more interested in exploring her world with you, and shows interest in colours, music and touching things, it’s best not to over-stimulate your child. For example, there’s no need to buy all sorts of toys at this age, although your child will enjoy toys such as rattles to grasp and bright objects to look at. Ordinary household objects and regular routines like feeding, bathing and dressing provide great opportunities for stimulation. Have fun with your baby. Your baby will love spending time with you.

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