When Your Baby Cries

Crying baby

Trying to figure out why a baby is crying can be, at times, both trying and frustrating. This is the only way that your baby can communicate with you. Your baby may be trying to tell you that they are hungry, need to have a diaper change, or just want to be comforted and cuddled by you. Crying does not mean that your baby is being bad or that they are angry with you or trying to annoy you.

What can parents/caregivers do? There is no set answer that will work every time. You may have to try several ways before you find out what works best for both your baby and you. Stay calm and try some of these ideas:

  • Is your baby hungry?
    • Feed your baby slowly.
    • Take time to burp your baby throughout the feeding.
    • Enjoy this bonding time together. Look into your babies eyes.
  • Does your baby need a fresh diaper?
    • Keep your baby clean and dry. Wet/dirty diapers can be very cold and uncomfortable.
  • Does your baby want to be comforted?
    • Snuggle and cuddle your baby close to your chest. They will love to hear your heart beat.
    • Try giving your baby a massage. There are classes available that teach infant massage.
    • Wrap or swaddle your baby in a soft, warm blanket.
    • Offer your baby a soft toy and play with it with them.
    • Give you baby a warm bath. These can be especially soothing.
  • Provide gentle movement.
    • Gently rock your baby.
    • Go for a walk together in a stroller, carrier, or sling.
    • Go for a ride in the car. Be sure that you secure your baby safely in an infant car seat.
  • Provide relaxing sounds.
    • Play soothing music.
    • Sing or hum to your baby. Your baby loves to hear your voice.

Never shake a baby! Shaking a baby can cause blindness, brain damage or death. Remember that it is okay to ask for help! Ask friends and family for help. You can also talk to your Public Health Nurse, your Child’s Doctor, your Local Hospital, Health Clinic or Healthline.

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