Your Baby’s Close Relationships

February 23, 2015


Babies are born with the need to form close relationships with caring and responsive adults. This is called “attachment”. Children need the opportunity to develop close attachments with nurturing adults during the early years. If not, young children will find it more difficult to learn, to become confident and to trust others.

Babies form attachments with the people who are around them the most. These few important relationships create a sense in your child of what kind of world this is and what their place is in it.

A secure attachment to caring adults helps your child learn to adapt to circumstances more easily. It helps them to overcome difficult situations throughout their life. This kind of attachment helps your child to believe that the world is a friendly and safe place. Having a parent or caregiver who learns to understand and respond to a baby’s signals, such as picking them up and comforting them when they cry, will help to form a secure, healthy attachment.

Relax, and don’t worry about making mistakes. It will take some time for you to learn what your baby is trying to communicate. All parents learn by trial and error. As long as your baby knows that they can count on you most of the time, they will be amazingly flexible and forgiving.