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Being parents tends to mean very busy lives where we are always running after our children or trying to get caught up on the never ending pile of laundry. This type of busy lifestyle can easily put strain on any relationship. Take time to let your partner know that they are appreciated, and that you have not forgotten about them. Each day, try and do something nice for your partner to show affection. Something as simple as saying I Love you or a hug before work can mean the world. If we simply take the time to share some intimate moments with our partners, then the relationships parents have with each other can be strengthened greatly. Take time to have a date night. Take time to be alone and share ideas and thoughts. Take the time to actually talk and work out concerns together. Remember, Healthy Parents means Healthy Children. Children tend to do the best when in a stable, predictable, and caring environment where conflict is low, parents are communicating effectively, and problems are resolved in a calm manner.
Below are some great date night activities that parents can engage in to spend some quality time together. Having date night may simply mean movie night at home once the children are in bed, or it may mean a night out and a sitter is looking after your children so you as parents can have some alone time.
1. Attend a home town sporting event
2. Sit around a fire outside
3. An evening walk through the park
4. Take a class together (cooking class, art class, dance class etc.)
5. Go out on a windy day and fly kites!
6. Ice Skating
7. Make your own home made salsa
8. Indulge in seasonal activities
9. Go Bird watching
10. Take a ride – on a Ferris wheel, in your car, on a horse…


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