Let’s Make an Easter “Feely Bag”!

March 30, 2015

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With the Easter season upon us, why not try an Easter “Feely Bag” with your preschooler?

First, find a suitable bag.  You can use any bag that you can’t see through.  You will need to be able to open and close the bag to put items in, and to let your child to reach inside and feel the object.

Invite your preschooler to decorate the bag up for Easter.  Give your preschooler whatever craft materials you have on hand and let him decorate the bag as he wishes.  Once the bag is decorated up, take it to an area where your child cannot see you.  Put inside an Easter themed item, such as a plastic egg, a handful of Easter grass, a few feathers or cotton balls or even a carrot!  Return the bag to your child.  Ask him to put his hand in the bag and feel the item inside without looking at them.  Can he describe what it feels like? Is it hard or soft?  Does it feel heavy or light?  Is it round or long and skinny?  Is it smooth or rough?  Let your child have a few guesses about what might be in the bag.  If he guesses right, celebrate!  If not, bring the item out and show him what it was.  Keep restocking the bag with another item as long as your child shows interest.

This activity will enhance your child’s awareness of his sense of touch as he explores different textures and shapes.   Enjoy!