Your Child at 2 Years Old – Part 1

April 27, 2015

2 Year old

It is important to remember that no matter how old a child is, all areas of development are intertwined. Progress depends on nurturing every area of development. These areas include social, intellectual, language, emotional, gross and fine motor. Each child develops at his own pace within a distinct period of time. Every child is unique. Each requires different care.

Toddlerhood is a balancing act for everyone. Your child will struggle between the need to be independent and try so many new things and the need to rely on and feel protected by parents and caregivers. As a result, toddlers shift suddenly in their emotions. They go from “me do it” to tantrums when they are frustrated. They want help. Then they don’t. It’s all part of becoming an individual. Lots of patience, praise and encouragement are needed, as parents and caregivers guide toddlers who need to do so much for themselves. Toddlers cope much better with separation and are better equipped to form new attachments. Although routines are important, so is flexibility. Give your toddler easy choices. Parents and caregivers are beginning to see a real sense of their child’s temperament and personality.

Your toddler demonstrates a new level of self-awareness. By now, you toddler can do many things including; calling themselves by name, identifying body parts and dressing themselves. Practicing self-help skills is an important part of a toddler’s day. Many children begin toilet training during this time. Toddlers can communicate feelings, desires and interests using words and gestures. They also have a good idea of where things are located in and around the house or at childcare.