Your Child at 2 Years Old – Part 2


By age 2, many toddlers can play on their own and concentrate on an activity for a brief period of time. There is more and more pretend play with props, looking at books and singing simple songs. As toddlers gain more control over their bodies, they love do things such as:

  • run,
  • kick balls
  • jump and climb
  • get on and off chairs
  • step backwards and sideways
  • go up and down the stairs
  • push or pull toys.

As the movements of small muscles become more refined, toddlers can do things like:

  • simple puzzles
  • take lids off jars
  • fit a series of objects into one another
  • draw vertical lines
  • turn the pages of a book
  • build bigger towers
  • use a fork

It is during this age range that children begin to sort and match things, count, tell the difference between one and many and start to distinguish colours and shapes.

Toddlers continue to play alongside other children. Sharing can be encouraged at this age. However, it should not be expected to be perfect. At times, toddlers become very frustrated, especially if they are unable to make themselves understood. They may bite others as well as hit or pull hair. A lot of play is accompanied by language, as now toddlers have a vocabulary of approximately 50 words. They can name familiar everyday objects, use 2 word sentences and communicate whole ideas with one word. Sometimes it can be a difficult task for parents and caregivers to figure out exactly what the child wants. Toddlers begin to have a basic understanding of time, such as ‘soon’, ‘not now’ or ‘after your nap’, but do not have a concept of ‘yesterday’. And ‘no’ is still a very popular word with your 2 year old!

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