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One of the most exciting things you will encounter as a parent is watching your child develop their language skills. It does not matter if they are speaking Spanish, French, or Sign Language – having that ability to communicate with your child is absolutely wonderful.  As parents and caregivers, we play a very important role in stimulating our children’s communication and language development

Communication with your child starts the moment she is born.  We listen for different cries, different babbles.  We learn to understand their way of communicating. On the flip side, our children will learn our way of communicating by listening and watching their parents.

As a parent or caregiver, how can I help promote language development in my child?

  • Listen to your child
    • Be available when your child is trying to communicate with you, and be patient as they tell you what they want or need.
  • Talk to your child
    • “Here are Jason’s shoes. One shoe on one foot, two shoes on two feet.”
    • “Would you like a Red Apple, or a Green Kiwi?”
  • Encourage Correct Pronunciation
    • Your child points and says “Butfly”. Your response could be “Yes Remmi that is a Butterfly. It is a beautiful What color are its wings Remmi?”

We want to encourage our children to communicate freely.  We want to encourage them to expand on their responses. Instead of saying it is a truck; we could help our children learn that the truck is red and has 6 wheels. This will help our children learn how to be descriptive and expressive with their vocabulary.

Ways we can encourage our children to develop their communication skills:

  • Set a good example
  • Talk about what you are doing
  • Encourage your child to ask questions
  • Comment on your child’s play
  • Read or tell stories to your child

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