Outdoor Baby Fun!

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Have a new baby in your home this summer?  Don’t be stuck in the house ~ both you and your baby will enjoy time spent outdoors.

Protect your baby from the sun.  Keep your baby in the shade or stay indoors when the sun is most powerful.  Be sure your baby’s arms, legs and head are covered and apply “chemical-free” sunscreen to his hands and face a half hour before you go out.  Reapply often.  Bring along water to keep you both hydrated.

Probably one of your baby’s favourite places this summer will be your own backyard.  Your little one will love the new sights and sounds of the outdoors.  He will love the feeling of green grass under his toes as he watches birds and butterflies and listens to the sounds of nature.  If your baby can sit up, roll him a ball.  Blow some bubbles.  A kiddie pool filled with water can be refreshing, but be sure to stay close by!

Most babies will love the soft sand and all the busy activity at the beach, even if they don’t go in the water.  Bring along a sun tent for shade, and some simple beach toys.  Encourage your baby to wave and smile at others.  If you take your baby in the water, change his diaper right away.  Sprinkle baby powder to remove wet sticky sand from baby’s creases.

Enjoy this time with your baby.  Remember by this time next year, you will be running after him!


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